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Company Introduction

Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is based in the South China region and is a testing and certification institution specializing in explosion-proof certification and coal safety certification. Its business covers domestic and international explosion-proof testing certification, coal safety and mining safety certification, explosion-proof construction and explosion-proof renovation, explosion-proof qualification certificate agency, explosion-proof system training, etc. We can provide customers with one-stop services from explosion-proof design, testing, certification, on-site inspection, engineering construction renovation, training, etc.

Zhongnuo Testing has many years of experience in the explosion-proof industry, familiar with explosion-proof testing and explosion-proof construction industry standards, and has a long-term stable and good cooperative relationship with domestic and international explosion-proof certification institutions. Up to now, we have provided explosion-proof certification, explosion-proof testing, and construction renovation services for many large and medium-sized enterprises. Our clients include Hanlan Environment, LG, PetroChina, Baosteel, Shanghai Volkswagen, Haima Feed, Airui Optoelectronics, Meg, Yuante, Meilan Airport, Yili, Nanhai Gas, etc. Choose Zhongnuo Testing, professional explosion-proof engineer 1-on-1 full process service, customized explosion-proof technology solutions, trustworthy!

A trustworthy explosion-proof testing and certification consulting agency
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