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What is the cost of ATEX certification related to?

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ATEX explosion-proof certification must be carried out in accordance with the EU explosion-proof directive 2014/34/EU (old directive 94/9/EC), which is applicable to different productsExplosion proof certification mode.

ATEX certification requires certification from an EU member stateATEX instructionAfter testing, the authorized announcement agency issues a certificate.

The cost of ATEX explosion-proof certification is mainly determined by the following aspects.

1. Explosion proof type.Different explosion-proof typesExplosion proof certificationThe applicable explosion-proof standards and testing items vary, resulting in varying costs.

2. Is there an additional model available.If multiple models apply for explosion-proof certification simultaneously, an additional model surcharge is required.

3. Does it involve retesting fees, etc.In the process of explosion-proof testing, if the test fails, it is necessary toThe situation of rectification may also incur rectification and retesting fees.

4. Is it related to explosion-proof design and rectification guidance.Some companies are interested inExplosion proof standardI am not familiar with explosion-proof technology and cannot design according to explosion-proof standards during the product design phase. Therefore, it is necessary toZhongnuo TestingIntervention and assistance in explosion-proof design, modification of drawings, production of enterprise standards and product manuals will incur explosion-proof technology design and consulting costs

5. Factory review fees

6. At the same time, it is still necessary to consider whether it is urgent and whether it is necessary to review coaching.

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