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ATEX/IECEx Explosion proof Certification Production Quality System Training

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Training content for ATEX/IECEx explosion-proof certification production quality system

1. Introduction

(1) Introduction to ATEX Explosion Prevention Directive and IECEx Certification System

(2) Introduction to division of explosion-proof areas

(3) Introduction to different equipment protection levels/applicable areas

(4) Introduction to EN/IEC 60079 series explosion-proof standards

(5) Introduction to the Basic Principles and Protection Types of Explosion Protection

(6) Introduction to ATEX/IECEx certification process

(7) Introduction to ATEX/IECEx Explosion proof Mark

(8) Requirements for nameplates and manuals

 2. Application section

(1)Specific requirements and differences from ISO9001

(2)ATEX's requirements for the production process

     1) Requirements for production environment

2) Basic knowledge/qualities that procurement, quality inspection, and production personnel need to know/possess

3) Precautions during assembly process

4) Precautions for finished product inspection

(3) In terms of production process control

1) Drawing/Component Change Procedure

2) Nonconforming Product Control Procedure

3) Requirements for production equipment and inspection equipment

 3. Explosion proof summary


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