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Disposal methods for non conformities in the IECEx system

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| 2020-09-28|Return

For those who have passedIECExauthenticationFor explosion-proof product manufacturers who are preparing to obtain IECEx certificates, it is important to have a clear understandingIECExsystemThe disposal methods for substandard products, including recall, publicity, and other methods.

 When manufacturers discover unqualified products in a batch of products, the first method they should consider is to recall all products in this batch. This is because explosion-proof products are used in hazardous areas, and once accidents occur due to product unqualified products, they usually cause serious consequences. Therefore, it is a responsible approach for both production and use enterprises.

 When the manufacturer discovers that the product has been sold, traced, or recalled through multiple sales channels, it is no longer possible, the manufacturer should contactIECExThe license issuing agency shall explain the reasons and improvement measures to the license issuing agency in writing, and disclose the information of unqualified batch products in public channels, including but not limited to newspapers, websites, official account and other media channels.

 After handling, a detailed analysis of the reasons for the occurrence of non conformities should be conducted, and a final conclusion should be issued to the issuing authority. At the same time, records of non conformities should be kept for more than ten years, which refers to the ten years after the last sales batch of this product was launched.


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