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How to apply for the conversion of explosion-proof qualification certificate to explosion-proof 3C certification?

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The Implementation Announcement of the State Administration for Market Regulation on Compulsory Certification of Explosion proof Electrical Products clearly states that from October 1, 2019, explosion-proof electrical appliances, household gas appliances, and household refrigerators with a rated capacity of 500L or more will be included in the certificationCCCauthenticationManagement scope. The transition period is one year, starting from October 1, 2020, the above products are not allowed to be manufactured, sold, imported, or used in other business activities without obtaining mandatory product certification certificates and labeling mandatory certification marks.

1、 Explosion proof certificate transferexplosion-proofCCCRequired documents for certificates

1 Explosion proof certificateAnd inspection report

2 Drawings (assembly drawings, electrical schematics, and other safety related parts)

3. Chinese user manual, Chinese nameplate, and warning mark

4. Related material reports, key components, and material lists

5. Explanation of differences between different models of products within the same application unit

6. Product Description

7. Product Certification Application/Product Certification Change Application (signed or stamped, original copy to be sent and uploaded in electronic format)

8. Production Enterprise Information Table

9. Business license

2、 The process of transferring certificates

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