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Introduction to Explosion proof Certification in Various Countries

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For a long time, major industrial countries in the world have each formulated mandatory national standards and technical requirements for explosion-proof electrical products based on their own national conditions in safety production regulations, and most of them cannot be mutually recognized. The practical difficulties brought about by the lack of mutual recognition of explosion-proof certificates are particularly prominent in the fields of ships and marine engineering, which have strong international division of labor and cooperation characteristics: explosion-proof electrical products must meet the requirements of different regulatory authorities, but these regulatory authorities or their authorized inspection agencies implement different standards.


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a recognized body that formulates international standards for electrical products and has established

IECQ: Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components

IECEE: Organization for Qualification Testing and Certification of Electrical Products

IECEx: Certification System for Explosion proof Electrical Products


The main function of these three systems is to minimize differences in product performance, safety, and testing requirements among different countries based on IEC standards, reduce or even eliminate unnecessary duplicate certifications and inspections between countries, and promote smooth international trade. Although explosion-proof standards in various countries mainly follow the IEC standards, the national standards developed by each country inevitably have certain differences with the constantly updated version numbers of the IEC standards, and this "time difference" is also one of the reasons for the existence of "national differences". Based on the above two factors, most member countries of the IECEx system still cannot directly accept itIECExauthenticationCertificate (CoC), the product also needs to be approved by the competent authority of the relevant countryExplosion proof certification.


Zhongnuo TestingWe can provide customers with the following international and national explosion-proof electrical product certification services:

International certification:  

International Electrotechnical Commission IEXEx Explosion proof Certification

European CommunityATEXExplosion proof certification  


Domestic certification:

Explosion proof certificate

Explosion proof 3C certification


National certification:  

German PTB explosion-proof certification

UL or FM explosion-proof certification in the United States

Norwegian NEMKO explosion-proof certification

BASEEFA Explosion proof Certification in the UK

French LCIE explosion-proof certification

Russian EAC explosion-proof certification

Canadian CSA Explosion proof Certification

Japan TIIS Explosion proof Certification

For more information on explosion-proof certification, please contact Zhongnuo Testing directly

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