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The Important Significance of Anti explosion Doors in Explosive Hazardous Areas

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Construction and installation of explosion-proof doors


Anti explosion doors are designed to resist the combustion and explosion of explosive hazardous substances outside the door caused by accidents, ensuring the safety of personnel and the integrity of equipment behind the door, and avoiding the harm of explosion shock waves; Effectively preventing the continuation of explosion hazards (reducing the area of explosion damage). Made of special industrial steel plates according to strictly set mechanical data, filled withAGrade fireproof rock wool, combined with high-performance hardware accessories, is not only safe, reliable, but also practical and aesthetically pleasing to use. Ensure the safety of life and property.Explosion resistant doorAlso known as: explosion-proof door.

1. In the event of an explosion, follow the predicted incident pressure and reflection force. Anti explosion doors can withstand the blasting pressure within this range and provide necessary protection to prevent casualties and property damage.

2. After an explosion occurred, the anti explosion door could still be used normally even if it did not reach the predetermined explosive force.

3. When an explosion occurs, the explosive force reaches a predetermined level and can deform, but the components of the door can still be maintained in use and the door body can still be opened to prevent personnel from being intercepted or trapped.

4. Necessary enclosed isolation function to prevent direct convection between the isolated space and the outside air, in order to reduce the pollution of the isolated and protected space from the outside world.

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