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RFID positioning tag application for explosion-proof certification

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In recent years, RFID positioning tags due to Long transmission distance, simple and reliable circuit, small size, and low cost, Widely used in personnel positioning, equipment and facility positioning fields with lower security requirements, it has also become a Customer consultationExplosion proof certificationOne of the many products.

According to the requirements of national safety production and explosion-proof standards, electrical and non electrical equipment used in explosive hazardous areas must pass the testing and certification of relevant national explosion-proof standards and obtain corresponding certificationExplosion proof testingReporting andExplosion proof certificateCertification certificates are required before they can be put into market application. Applied to explosive locationsRFIDThe positioning label must also meet the technical requirements of national explosion-proof certification.RFID positioning tagGenerallyIb orICExplosion proof levelSee more.

RFID positioning tagApplying for explosion-proof certification requires consideration of the product's power supply, usually battery powered. When conducting explosion-proof testing, battery short circuit testing should be considered, which often becomes a bottleneck for many battery powered products. Need to learn moreRFID positioning tagFor details on explosion-proof certification technology, please consult Zhongnuo Testing.

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