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National Safety Production Shenyang Explosion proof Electrical Testing and Inspection Center

Shenyang Explosion proof Electrical Inspection and Testing CenterShen Chuansuo)Authorized explosion-proof electrical products cover explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof pumps, explosion-proof distribution devices, explosion-proof switch control and protection products, explosion-proof transformers, explosion-proof electric actuators, explosion-proof monitoring and communication equipment, explosion-proof air conditioning and ventilation equipment, explosion-proof electric heating products, explosion-proof accessoriesExTotal of components, explosion-proof instruments and safety barriers160More than ten thousand product varieties, involving nearly ten thousand types of explosion-proof electrical products, with inspection product types includingExplosion proof type, increased safety, intrinsic safety“N”Type, positive pressure shell type, oil immersed type, sand filled typeexmElectrical equipment used in explosive environments such as dust, andExplosive environmentuseNon electrical equipmentThe scope of testing products includes factory and mining dust, and the testing equipment and instruments are in a leading position in the same industry in China.

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