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Can ATEX certificates be used directly in China?

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Is ATEX certification recognized domestically?

ATEX certification applies to all member states of the European Union, but cannot be sold as explosion-proof products in ChinaLicense certificate. China has its own explosion-proof certification system, and explosion-proof products sold domestically need to pass China's explosion-proof certification instead of ATEX certification.

However, this does not mean that the domestic market does not recognize ATEX certification. On the contrary, passing ATEX certification can enhance the competitiveness of products in the domestic market. ATEX certification and China explosion-proof certificationZhongnuo TestingIn terms of reference standards, many are similar, such as a large number of conversionsIECEx certificationStandards. If the product has passed ATEX certification, it is helpful for applying for domestic explosion-proof certification (of course, domestic explosion-proof products usually apply firstChina Explosion proof CertificationThen we will consider exporting and apply for itATEX certification).

For enterprises that want to further develop the international market, in addition toZhongnuo TestingIn addition to China's explosion-proof certification and ATEX certification, IECEx certification can also be applied for. The IECEx certification system currently has more than 20 formal member countries, including major industrial countries in Europe, the United States, Australia, as well as countries such as Russia and South Korea. China is also a member of the IEC system.

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