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The components have obtained explosion-proof certification, do the entire machine still need to undergo explosion-proof certification?

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When consulting with many clients, I have purchased components and equipment with explosion-proof certification. Do the combined equipment still need to undergo explosion-proof certification? complete machineExplosion proof certificationWhat are the requirements?

As a professional explosion-proof certification agency, Zhongnuo Testing provides a clear answer: it requires explosion-proof certification for the entire machine

This is because even if each component is a device that has obtained an explosion-proof certificate, the connection between the components still needs to consider explosion-proof requirements, such as the connection between the electrical control box, motor, and lighting fixtures. The cables used should be fire-resistant and flame-retardant, and threaded through explosion-proof flexible pipes or galvanized water pipes to prevent external impacts. In addition, it is necessary to consider the connection issues between components of different explosion-proof types. For example, if there is an electrical connection between explosion-proof products and intrinsically safe products, corresponding safety barriers should be added.

What are the requirements for applying for explosion-proof certification for the entire machine? What information needs to be provided?

stayZhongnuo TestingThe process of applying for explosion-proof certification for the entire machine is very simple.


1. Copy of valid explosion-proof certificates for each component

2. Bill of Materials (BOM)

3. Structural diagram

4. Instruction manual

5. Enterprise standard

6. Schematic diagram, etc


Considering that the overall volume of the equipment is relatively large and inconvenient for customers to transport, Zhongnuo Testing usually takes the customer's site for testing and evaluation. Generally, only one sample is needed, and the sample may also be disassembled for testing on site. This on-site evidence collection method greatly reduces the customer's evidence collection time and cost!

Success stories:AGV car, chemical storage cabinet, polishing machine, etc

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