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What are the official institutions that provide explosion-proof certification?

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In China, when it comes to explosion-proof certification, people always think of companies such as Nanyang Explosion proof Institute and Shanghai Instrument Institute, because they are one of the earliest companies in the explosion-proof industry in China and have participated in the domestic industryGB3836Explosion proofThe drafting and writing of industry standards, whether in terms of professionalism or authority, are undoubtedly industry authorities.

But they are not the only few companies in ChinaExplosion proof certificationInstitution!

Because explosion-proof certification is aimed at equipment used in explosive hazardous areas, which directly threatens people's life and property safety, the country has relatively strict control over this area. There is a strict qualification review for institutions authorized to issue explosion-proof certificates.

belowZhongnuo TestingList the list of domestic explosion-proof certification issuing institutions for your reference.

National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion proof Equipment (Guangzhou Special Inspection Institute)

Shanghai Coal Research Institute

National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Explosion proof Electrical Products (Nanyang CNEX)

National level instrument explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station (Shanghai NEPSI)

National Coal Mine Explosion proof Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Explosion proof Products (Tianjin) (Tianjin PCEC)

Mechanical Industry Explosion proof Electrical Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Jiamusi Explosion proof Institute)

Testing Center of General Institute of Coal Science Research (Beijing Institute of Coal Science)

Changsha Mining Electromechanical Testing and Inspection Center for National Safety Production

Chongqing Electrical Explosion Prevention Inspection Station for Coal Industry (Chongqing Coal Science Institute)

National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Low Voltage Explosion proof Electrical Appliances (Liaoning)

At present, institutions in China that are qualified to issue explosion-proof certificates can be found on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation.

The above institutions are the inspection and certification agencies for explosion-proof certificates, but there are also many agency companies in the market that do explosion-proof certification (such asZhongnuo Testing). Zhongnuo Testing is familiar with the requirements of the national GB3836/GB12476 series explosion-proof standards, and has good cooperative relationships with major domestic and international certification agencies. Compared with enterprises directly applying to certification agencies, we can not only assist enterprises in modifying certification drawings, certification materials, etc., but also guide enterprises in product debugging, design, and rectification before testing and certification to ensure that products meet the requirements of explosion-proof certification standards, Enable enterprises to obtain explosion-proof certificates in a time-saving and labor-saving manner.

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