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What standards are used for explosion-proof certification?

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Explosion proof type is an explosion-proof type of electrical equipment,

Its casing can withstand explosive mixtures that enter the interior of the casing through any mating surfaces or structural gaps without damage,

And it will not cause ignition of an explosive gas environment formed by one or more gases or vapors outside.

The explosion-proof shell must have explosion-proof and anti explosion performance,

The shell of explosion-proof products is generally bulky and suitable for fixed installation and use of products and equipment.

The width, gap, and roughness of the explosion-proof joint surface are the three elements of explosion-proof shell design.

The design requirements for the three elements of explosion-proof are also different for different explosive gas environments used in mining Class I, non mining IIA, IIB, and IIC,

Specific design standards can refer to GB/T3836.1 and GB/T3836.2.

Zhongnuo Testing has long focused on explosion-proof product design, testing, and certification services. In the field of explosion-proof, it has a professional team of structural engineers who are familiar with explosion-proof standard requirements and certification processes. They can provide services such as explosion-proof shell design, drawing, rectification guidance, and certification agency.

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