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In which fields can explosion-proof certification be widely applied

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With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of safety production,Explosion proof certificationTechnology has been widely applied in the production and processing of more and more industries such as chemical, petroleum and petrochemical, coatings, pharmaceuticals, food, and hazardous material logistics. Why?

Airports and Aerospace

The paint spraying process of civil, military aircraft, and aerospace equipment generates high ignition point fog and steam. At airports, maintenance equipment, especially various lifting equipment, can become a potential source of ignition due to the impact of fuel mist. Therefore, equipment used in these potential explosive hazardous environments needs toExplosion proof certificationProtection.

Petroleum and Petrochemical

The oil and gas industry is the industry that uses explosion-proof technology the most. Offshore drilling platform equipment requires explosion-proof protection for diesel engines. On drilling platforms, explosion-proof forklifts are also required for loading, unloading, stacking, and handling. OurExplosion proof certificationTechnology and solutions have been serving the industry for many years.

Plastic manufacturing industry

Plastic production typically uses various different chemical raw materials. Flammable and explosive chemical raw materials need to be used throughout the production process of plastic products, from ordinary products to products that extract oil and gas. The raw material handling equipment used in this environment must beExplosion proof certificationEquipment.

Pharmaceutical industry

The production environment of pharmaceutical factories contains flammable and explosive dust, and the production equipment used in this environment must have very strict requirements to ensure that these devices do not become ignition sources. OurExplosion proof certificationTechnology can ensure the safe use of these devices in this environment, while maintaining the performance and simplicity of the original equipment.

Paint industry

The raw materials used in paint production are flammable and explosive materials. From production workshops and warehouses to post production waste disposal, the paint industry involves explosion-proof protection. OurExplosion proof certificationThe technology has been widely applied in paint factories.

automotive industry

The spray painting process produces high ignition point mist and steam, which are used to protect the spray painting process of automobiles, light trucks, buses, and commercial vehicles.

chemical industry

The chemical industry needs to work in potentially explosive hazardous environments, including acceptance, storage, production, warehousing, and transportation. Chemical plants need to use in material handling, production processes, and equipment maintenanceExplosion proof certificationEquipment. OurExplosion proof certificationTechnology has been serving this industry for many years.

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