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Application process for mining general certificate of conformity (KY)

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1、 General electrical equipment for mining and general qualification certificates for mining

The Mining General Certificate of Conformity, abbreviated as KY, is a certification of the electrical safety performance of mining general electrical equipment.

General electrical equipment for mining: used in underground industrial production departments such as coal mines with no gas, no coal dust, and explosive hazardous areas, as well as non coal mine mountains (excluding cables and wires) 

2、 Applicable standards:

GB/T 12173-2008 General Electrical Equipment for Mining

 3、 The basic process of applying for KY certification

1. The production enterprise applies for KY certification to Zhongnuo Testing and submits the application form

2. Submit materials for review by Zhongnuo Testing, including:

(1) Product standards (or technical conditions)

(2) Product drawings (must be fully signed and bound into a volume)

(3) Product User Manual

(4) Necessary calculation data and explanations

3. Send samples to Zhongnuo Testing Laboratory for testing

4. Submit test reports to national institutions for review

5. Issuance of Mining General Certificate of Conformity (KY Certificate)
4、 The validity period of the mining qualification certificate is 5 years

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