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You need to know about obtaining the Qualification Certificate for Installation, Inspection, and Maintenance of Explosion proof Electrical Equipment

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The qualification certificate for installation, maintenance, and repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment is one of the necessary qualifications for companies engaged in the explosion-proof electrical installation and construction industry. Many customers engaged in explosive industry installation and construction want to apply for such a certificate. As a specialized agency for handling explosion-proof electrical equipment installation, maintenance, and training qualifications, Zhongnuo Testing interprets the precautions for handling.

1. Issuing authority:There are currently three most common issuing institutions for this certificate, namely Shenyang Institute, Nanyang Institute, and Tianjin Institute.

2. Certificate Authority:The validity of the certificates from the above three institutions is the same and is recognized nationwide.

3. Handling entity:This certificate can only be processed in the name of the company, and cannot be processed by individuals or individual businesses. At the same time, there are requirements for the name and business scope of the processing company. Before processing, you can confirm with Zhongnuo Testing whether it can be processed and whether it is necessary to modify the business scope.

4. Employee certification issues:This certificate is held by at least three employees of the company together, and an additional fee will be charged for each additional employee. If an employee resigns, this certificate cannot be taken away. Generally, we recommend employees with long-term stability to participate.

5. Certificate validity issue:The validity period of the certificate is 3 years, and after the expiration, it needs to be retrained and tested again.

6. Training methods:Based on the real-time dynamics of the domestic epidemic, Zhongnuo Testing can provide a combination of online and offline training methods. After passing the training exam, certificates will be issued in a timely manner to meet the certification needs of different customers.

7. Training cycle:2 days

8. Training and examination criteria:GB3836 series

9. Certificate authenticity issue:All explosion-proof electrical equipment installation, maintenance, and maintenance training qualifications obtained through Zhongnuo Testing are guaranteed to be genuine and valid. Customers only pay the final payment after the issuing agency has verified the authenticity, ensuring their ultimate interests.


10. Process:The customer only needs to provide the company's business license and the ID information of the employees, stamp and return the professional materials provided by Zhongnuo Testing, and participate in a 2-day training and exams during the training period. After the exam, simply send the test paper back to Zhongnuo for testing. All other matters will be handled by Zhongnuo Testing Agency. Easy and convenient to handle, worry free evidence collection!


As a professional company that handles the qualification certificates for the installation, maintenance, and repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment, Zhongnuo Testing has cumulatively obtained corresponding certificates for hundreds of customer enterprises. Applying for the qualification certificate for installation, maintenance, and repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment at Zhongnuo Testing adopts an online training method. The training and examination standards are GB3836 series standards. Regular 1-2 training and examination sessions are arranged every month, and we assist in preparing the necessary materials throughout the process. This can save processing time and costs for our corporate customers. The certificate is authentic, authoritative, and trustworthy!



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