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Common Nonconforming Items in Explosion proof Electrical Field Testing

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At present, hazardous chemical production enterprises in China always have frequent accidents, so it is necessary to attach great importance to safety production inspection and testing. We should gradually explore the safety performance of products and equipment related to personal safety, and gradually form an important role in safety production testing and inspection. Now, through safety testing, it can provide a lot of technical support for hazardous chemical enterprises, especially for the widespread promotion of electrical explosion-proof safety testing, and continuously provide guidance and services for enterprise safety production.

1Unreasonable design in hazardous areas 

Many enterprises are constrained by their history, and at the same time, their production materials are constantly changing, making the division of hazardous areas not very orderly and appearing chaotic, and the layout of equipment and facilities cannot meet the requirements of explosion-proof.

 2Weak understanding of explosion-proof knowledge 

In many hazardous chemical enterprises, there is no distinction between electrical explosion-proof safety testing and fire electrical and building electrical testing. In terms of temporary electricity and hot work operations, as well as equipment replacement and electrical management systems, they are not standardized.

 3Unreasonable installation of explosion-proof electrical facilities 

Although many enterprises now use explosion-proof functions in electrical facilities, there are still many problems in installation, such as direct overlap of main line wiring, missing explosion-proof surface screws, and PVC pipes used for threading in and out pipeline pipes. The installation of switches, sockets, wiring terminals, power and lighting distribution boxes, grounding systems, wiring, and electrical wiring systems is not very reasonable, and there are many safety issues.

 4The wiring of explosion-proof electrical circuits does not meet the requirements 

In explosive environments, most enterprises nowadays do not attach enough importance to explosion-proof electrical wiring, and cannot correctly understand the technical parameters of hazardous materials in hazardous areas. Many times, wiring is done arbitrarily.

 5Improper grounding of explosion-proof electrical facilities 

For the grounding of explosion-proof electrical facilities, there are mainly internal grounding, shell protection grounding, and anti-static grounding. The protection grounding of non charged metal shells is not done well, and it is common to connect the grounding wire to the material pipeline.

 6Lack of overall planning for explosion-proof areas in the site selection of distribution rooms and control rooms 

Many distribution rooms and control rooms are located in explosion-proof areas and have not taken proper explosion-proof measures.

 7The explosion-proof selection and requirements of explosion-proof electrical facilities do not meet the requirements 

In terms of electrical explosion-proof facilities, there is no distinction between them in combustible dust environments and explosive gas environments, and they are all used in a mixed manner. However, in different hazardous locations, they have different electrical explosion-proof regulations, explosion-proof signs and types, as well as different levels and temperature groups. Many enterprises use explosion-proof electrical facilities in a mixed manner, without distinguishing these differences.

As a professional explosion-proof testing institution, Zhongnuo Testing can not only provide safety testing services for explosion-proof electrical equipment in use for chemical enterprises, but also provide professional explosion-proof construction and explosion-proof renovation services for non compliant items, safeguarding the safe development of chemical enterprises!

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