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Basic requirements for regular inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment

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As a third-party organization specializing in explosion-proof electrical testing, Zhongnuo Testing is committed toExplosion proof testing cycleZhongnuo Testing has unique insights into standards, qualifications, testing content, processes, and requirements for enterprises and personnel. Below, Zhongnuo Testing will share with you.
The basic requirements for regular inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment mainly include the following aspects:

Standard and cycle for regular inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment

With the increasing popularity of explosion-proof appliances, many explosive hazardous areas have installed and used explosion-proof appliances. Many end users believe that as long as explosion-proof electrical appliances are installed in explosive hazardous areas, everything will be fine. In many cases, so-called explosion-proof electrical appliances do notExplosion proof certificateOr the explosion-proof certificate may expire or be forged, the nameplate may not match the explosion-proof certificate, the explosion-proof type selection may not comply, gas explosion-proof electrical equipment and dust explosion-proof electrical equipment may be mixed, the wiring of explosion-proof electrical equipment may be improperly installed, the circuit may not be grounded, drilling holes or installing buttons on the explosion-proof shell may cause explosion-proof failure, and explosion-proof electrical equipment may suffer from long-term corrosion, high temperature, and intense vibration.
For explosion-proof electrical appliances in use, the AQ 3009-2007 "Code for Electrical Safety and Explosion Protection in Hazardous Areas" standard stipulates that explosion-proof electrical appliances in use should be entrusted to a testing center with explosion-proof professional qualifications for performance, installation, maintenance, etc. testing at least once every 3 years. Any non compliant items must be promptly rectified and the inspection report and rectification situation must be filed with the safety production supervision and management department.
Conducting explosion-proof on-site inspections on explosion-proof electrical appliances in use is not only a requirement of the safety production department, but also a concern of the enterprise for its own life and property safety.

Qualification for Regular Inspection of Explosion proof Electrical Equipment

The periodic inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment in accordance with the AQ 3009-2007 Electrical Safety and Explosion Protection Code for Hazardous Areas must be carried out by a testing center with explosion-proof professional qualifications. This explosion-proof qualification is authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNAS) and can be found on the CNAS website.

The main contents of regular inspections of explosion-proof electrical equipment

1. Model detection
According to the strict regulations of relevant national laws, the explosion-proof labeling of explosion-proof electrical equipment must be standardized, and at the same time, obtain the national certificationExplosion proof standardOnly after passing the inspection can it be implemented. To design suitable explosion-proof types, explosion-proof levels, and temperature groups for electrical equipment in specific working environments.
2. Installation inspection
During the installation of electrical equipment, any carelessness can lead to losses. If the ventilation and exhaust system is not properly installed, it may not be very smooth, and there is also a possibility of explosions in the casing of electrical equipment during electrical operation. So during installation, it is essential to strive for excellence and install according to relevant standards.
3. Line detection
Electrical equipment is often composed of a large number of circuit connections, which are particularly complex. If the connections are not solid, or if there are incorrect connections, or if the insulation layer of the circuit falls off, it may cause short circuits or overload, resulting in the appearance of arcs or sparks. So, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of the circuit, especially the sealing of the circuit, to ensure that the connection of the circuit meets the requirements.
4. Grounding detection
Electrical equipment generates static electricity during operation. If there is too much static electricity, sparks may appear when it is discharged. Therefore, grounding protection should be done to timely discharge static electricity and prevent explosions. The usual grounding methods include three types, namely working grounding, electrostatic grounding, and lightning protection grounding. For engineers, it is necessary to choose the grounding method according to the specific working environment, and the grounding should be safe and firm.

What information is required for regular inspections of explosion-proof electrical equipment at Zhongnuo Testing?

1. The area of the explosion-proof site;
2. Explosion hazard area division diagram;
3. Names and Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of Explosive Hazardous Substances in Corresponding Hazardous Areas
4. List of explosion-proof electrical products, including information such as installation area and tag number
5. Copy of explosion-proof qualification certificate for each explosion-proof electrical product
6. Explanatory documents on special usage conditions for explosion-proof electrical equipment
7. Descriptive technical documents for intrinsic safety systems
8. Relevant information on installation quality

The basic process of conducting regular inspections of explosion-proof electrical equipment at Zhongnuo Testing

1. The enterprise provides us with the area of the explosion-proof site and the quantity of explosion-proof electrical products for evaluation and quotation.
2. Formal cooperation agreement signed, with the enterprise providing detailed information on the explosion-proof site
3. Engineers go to the site to inspect explosion-proof electrical products and provide rectification opinions for non conformities
4. Enterprises shall cooperate with the rectification within the predetermined period according to the rectification opinions
5. The engineer will conduct another on-site evaluation and issue an on-site inspection report after passing the evaluation

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