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Relevant laws and regulations on regular testing of explosion-proof electrical equipment

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Regular inspections are a powerful guarantee for the use and explosion-proof safety performance of explosion-proof equipment used in explosive hazardous areas throughout its life cycle, including production, installation, use, inspection, maintenance, and withdrawal from the market. Relevant laws and regulations in our country have also made corresponding provisions on this matter. In the standard AQ3009-2007 "Electrical Safety and Explosion Protection Code for Hazardous Areas", it is clearly stipulated that regular inspections should be entrusted to safety production testing and inspection institutions with explosion-proof professional qualifications, with a time interval generally not exceeding 3 years. Enterprises should take timely corrective measures based on the inspection results, and file the inspection report and rectification situation with the safety production supervision and management department. In the preface of AQ3009-2007 "Electrical Safety and Explosion Protection Code for Hazardous Areas", it is also explicitly stated that Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, and Chapter 7 are mandatory and must be strictly enforced. So, similar safety regulations are also part of laws and regulations, and mandatory ones must be strictly enforced!

In addition, according to the Guidelines for the Investigation and Treatment of Safety Risks and Hazards in Hazardous Chemical Enterprises (Emergency [2019] No. 78), electrical equipment in explosive hazardous areas should meet the requirements of GB 50058, and the explosion-proof level of instruments and instrument circuits in explosive hazardous areas should meet the explosion-proof requirements of the area. All explosion-proof electrical and instrument equipment in explosion-proof areas are classified as major safety hazards (in bold font), with special clause 6, "6.1 According to the" Criteria for Judging Major Production Safety Hazards of Chemical and Hazardous Chemical Production and Operation Units (Trial) ", if an enterprise has significant hidden dangers, it must be immediately eliminated. If safety cannot be guaranteed before or during the elimination process, the local emergency management department shall, in accordance with the law, order temporary suspension of production and operation or cessation of use of relevant facilities and equipment."

Therefore, as the user of explosion-proof equipment, regular explosion-proof testing of the equipment is not only necessary but also mandatory.

How to conduct regular explosion-proof testing on equipment used in these explosive areas?

Which institutions can conduct regular inspections of explosion-proof electrical equipment?

Details can be further consultedZhongnuo Testing!

The standards based on which the "Electrical Explosion Prevention Inspection Report for Hazardous Areas" issued by the regular inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment include but are not limited to:

GB50058-2014 "Design Code for Electrical Equipment in Explosive Hazardous Environments"

GB50257-2014 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Equipment in Explosive and Fire Hazardous Environments in Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering"

GB/T3836.15-2017 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments Part 15: Electrical Installation in Hazardous Areas (Except for Coal Mines)

AQ3009-2007 Safety Code for Electrical Explosion Protection in Hazardous Areas

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