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What are the explosion-proof certification levels for electric actuators?

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The function of explosion-proof electric actuators

Electric actuators are essential equipment for implementing valve program control, automatic control, and remote control. Its motion process can be controlled by the magnitude of stroke, torque, or axial thrust. Because the performance and utilization of electric devices depend on the type of valve,Equipment operating procedures and valve pipelines or equipment positions,The correct selection of electric actuators is crucial,To prevent overloadWorking torque higher than control torque. There are two types of electric actuators, generally divided into partial rotary electric actuators and multi rotary electric actuators,The former mainly controls valves that require partial rotation, such as ball valves and butterfly valves, while the latter requires valves that require multiple rotations, such as gate valves.

Explosion proof level of explosion-proof electric actuators

The explosion-proof electric actuator adopts a top mounted structure, which reduces the connection bolts of the valve body under high pressure and large diameter conditions, enhances the reliability of the valve, and can overcome the impact of system weight on the normal operation of the valve. Its shell is made of hard aluminum alloy, which has been treated with stearic acid anodizing and polyester powder coating. Lightweight, strong corrosion resistance, and protection level up toIP67, evenIP68Suitable for various harsh working conditions.Common explosion-proof types includeExplosion proof typeEnhanced safety, intrinsic safety, positive pressure, and spark free.

1. Explosion proof electric actuators have an explosion-proof shell that can withstand the internal explosion of flammable mixtures that have entered the shell without damage; And it is a type of electric actuator that does not ignite surrounding gases or vapors and form an external explosive environment through any joint surface or structural hole on the shell.

2Increased safety typeThe principle of electric actuators is to take additional measures to improve the safety of electric actuators that do not produce arcs or sparks under normal operating conditions,Prevent dangerous temperatures, arcs, or sparks from occurring on the internal and external components of the box.

3. All internal circuits of intrinsically safe electric actuators use intrinsically safe circuits. The essential circuit refers to a circuit that operates under specified conditionsIncluding normal work and specified conditionsAny sparks or thermal effects generated below are insufficient to ignite circuits in the surrounding explosive gas environment.

4. Positive pressure electric actuator is a measure to achieve safety by maintaining the pressure of the internal protective gas higher than the pressure of the surrounding explosive environment.

5. The structure of spark free explosion-proof electric actuators is roughly the same as that of ordinary actuators, except that higher requirements are required for the protection level of the shell and the structure of the junction box;In addition, some reliability measures have been added to the manufacturing process conditions, so its reliability is relatively high, and its price is the lowest among all types of explosion-proof electric actuators; And it is easy to maintain and can be widely used in2Zone hazardous environment.


Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd., as a third-party testing institution specializing in explosion-proof testing and certification, can provide design, testing, and certification services for various types of explosion-proof electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, and actuators.

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