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Product requirements for applying for coal safety certification in OEM mode

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1. The applicant for safety signs is the production unit. Except for OEM production, please use the production unit account to apply.
2. OEM production method refers to the applicant's responsibility for designing, developing, selling, and producing products by entrusting another manufacturer, with the applicant's trademark applied to the products.
3. The following products are temporarily not eligible for OEM declaration
(1) New mining products;
(2) Explosive equipment
(3) Products managed by special equipment on the ground (cranes, air compressors, elevators, overhead passenger devices, sports car anti-collision devices, trackless rubber wheeled vehicles);

(4) Products that are closely related to the manufacturer in terms of installation, use, and maintenance (such as safety inspection and monitoring systems, integrated devices);
(5) The production and manufacturing process is simple and does not require the use of specially designed products (such as mining gas detection tubes, self rescue devices, anchor rods, chain links, etc.);

(6) Cables and non-metallic products.

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