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Explanation of the Main Content of the New Edition of Mining Product Safety Mark Certificate

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Explanation of the Main Content of the New Edition of Mining Product Safety Mark Certificate

The content of a regular certificate includes: certificate name, certificate category symbol, safety symbol number, QR code, certificate holder, registered address, production unit, production address, product name, specifications and models, product standards and technical conditions, scope of application (or place of use), certificate issuance date, validity period (not applicable to batch products), remarks, certificate description, issuer, issuing department, etc.

Certificate Name:Mining Product Safety Mark Certificate.

◆ Certificate category flag:MA coal mine mining products, KA metal non-metallic mining products.

◆ Safety sign number:The safety label number of the certified product follows the original certificate safety label number (9 digits in total): the first digit is the certificate category number, 2-3 digits are the product category number, 4-5 digits are the year of initial certification, and 6-9 digits are the certification sequence number.

QR code:The certificate has a unique QR code symbol. By scanning this QR code, the basic information of the certified product and supplementary information such as major components can be searched online.

◆ Certificate holder:The holder of the certificate is the smallest legal entity that produces the certified product.

◆ Registered address:The registered address of the holder, which is the corresponding address on the holder's legal representative's business license.

◆ Production unit:The specific production unit of the certified product. If the actual production unit of the product is the legal entity itself and there is no branch, the production unit is the same as the holder; If the applicant has a branch registered at the actual production site, the production unit shall be the branch registered at the actual production site.

◆ Production address:The manufacturing site of the certified product.

Product Name:Name of certified product.

◆ Specification and model:Certified product specifications and models.

Product standards and technical conditions:The national standards, industry standards, or technical conditions relied upon by the holder for product design and manufacturing. If the product complies with technical conditions, the main national or industry standards based on which the technical conditions are based should also be listed. The product technical conditions are the objective conditions for obtaining certification products, not the basis for safety standard review and issuance.

◆ Scope of application:Applicable to both conventional and new products, it is a specific limitation on the applicability of the product underground.

Date of issuance:Certificate issuance date.

◆ Validity period:Suitable for installation of conventional products, new products, and large equipment; Batch products are not applicable.

◆ Remarks:Further explanation is needed on the certified products and the distribution status of the audit.

Certificate Description:Explanation of the basis for certificate review and issuance (implementation rules for mining product safety sign review and issuance, specific product safety sign management plan, etc.), certificate maintenance, information inquiry, and auxiliary information.

Issued by:The legal representative of the National Center for Safety Standards.

Certification department:The certificate is issued by the National Center for Safety Labeling (seal).

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