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Method for querying coal safety certification certificates

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Many customers are querying or searchingCoal safety certificationI don't know how to check the authenticity of mine safety certified products. Especially when customers are looking for a product with coal safety certification or mining safety certification, they don't know where to find it. Zhongnuo Testing here tells you how to search for products with coal safety certification and mining safety certification.

The unified website for querying safety certification products is the National Safety Standards Center, as shown on the following page:

Users can search for the corresponding safety label enterprise and product by entering either the company name or safety label number, product name, or model. If the user wants to search for a certain safety standard product, such as a lightbox with coal safety certification, they can enter the product name keyword "lightbox" in the coal mine safety standard search column. This will pop up the product catalog of all valid product names with lightboxes that have undergone coal safety certification. The user only needs to click on it to look up the desired product.

If you need further information on coal safety certification, please contact us directly.

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