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Catalogue of explosion-proof certified products (partial)

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Here are the followingZhongnuo TestingThe recent successful explosion-proof certification product catalog has professional explosion-proof technology and rich experience for different types of explosion-proof products, different explosion-proof types, single or combination explosion-proof equipment, etcExplosion proof certificationExperience can provide explosion-proof design, rectification, testing, certification and other explosion-proof technical support for corporate customers, helping them explore a broad market for explosion-proof products.

Explosion proof antenna, UWB positioning base station, Beidou positioning terminal, gas detection alarm device, ranging sensor, temperature measurement cable, positioning monitoring instrument, QR code terminal, RFID tag, explosion-proof cable clamping sealing joint, ID information collector, explosion-proof constant potential meter, explosion-proof angle sensor, explosion-proof oven, explosion-proof connector, explosion-proof thermocouple, locator, walkie talkie, explosion-proof brake explosion-proof visibility meter, pickup, concentration analyzer Positioning watch, sampler, explosion-proof cabinet, intelligent manhole cover, flow meter, dust collector, AGV car, intelligent monitoring terminal, wet dust removal integrated machine, handheld intelligent terminal, explosion-proof lighting fixtures, printer, wireless data terminal, pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter, liquid level monitor, viscosity sensor, ultrasonic vibration plate, pry mounted refueling device, intermediate joint fireproof explosion-proof box, inspection robot, intelligent safety helmet Water pressure sensors, emission sensors, explosion-proof LED light boxes, explosion-proof thermal resistors, solenoid valves, electric actuators, law enforcement recorders, POS machines, electronic locks, countermeasures drones, cameras, fans, flashlights, heat tracing belts, control cabinets, temperature and humidity sensors, smart wristbands, radar level gauges, UWB work cards, explosion-proof air conditioners, on-board positioning terminals, environmental detection equipment, display screens, distribution boxes, explosion-proof tools, 4G base stations Polishing machine, junction box, thermal imager, tablet computer, remote control, positive pressure cabinet, encoder, density meter, spraying equipment, pump, plug, gateway, electric fan, explosion-proof shell, intrinsic safety power supply, etc

The product catalog is constantly being updated, please stay tuned!

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