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GB/T3836-2021 Basic requirements for explosion-proof level of explosion-proof type "da"

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In the new version of GB/T3836-2021 explosion-proof standard, explosion-proof protection levels have been added to explosion-proof electrical equipment, which are divided into:

"Da" protection level (EPL "Ma" or "Ga");

"DB" protection levelEPL "Mb" or "Gb";

"DC" protection levelEPL "Gc".

This standard update has addedExplosion proof type"Da" explosion-proof protection level,Catalytic sensor products that are only suitable for portable combustible gas detectors and meet the following requirements:

1. The maximum internal net volume shall not exceed 5 cubic centimeters;
2The introduction of conductive materials into the sensor should directly use a sealing joint surface that complies with Chapter 6 in the outer shell wall;

3The breathing device of the sensor should comply with Chapter 10 and be bonded to the outer shell wall without gaps (such as bonding or sintering according to 6.1),Or apply supplementary mechanical fixation methods to press onto the wall of the shell (such as forging);
4Powered by circuits with "ia" protection level, the maximum dissipated power is limited to 3.3W (for Class I) and 1.3W (for Class II);
Note: Catalytic elements generally operate at high temperatures. IfDissipated powerIncreased beyond normal operating levels, component failure causing open circuit. Therefore, the required power limit provides a limit on the external surface temperature.

5Modify the non detonation test in 15.3 or 15.4.4 (if applicable) to increase the number of non detonation tests, as shown in Table 1.

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