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Explosion proof certification scheme for gateway products

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1、 Application of Explosion proof Certification Technology for Gateway Products

explosion-proofThe gateway has the advantages of strong compatibility, large capacity, wide coverage, low power consumption, and low comprehensive network deployment cost. It has been widely used in the intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment, unmanned monitoring, cold chain logistics, environmental monitoring, smart agriculture, smart factories, smart transportation, and other IoT systems in the fields of electricity, petroleum, industry and mining, medical, food, transportation, agriculture and forestry. Can be used in indoor, outdoor, vehicular, maritime and other environments with explosive hazards.

2、 What explosion-proof type certification is suitable for explosion-proof gateway products?

The explosion-proof certification for gateway products is typical, and their products mainly consist of two parts: the gateway body and the antenna. So what is the explosion-proof certification technology design and certification scheme for this gateway?

1. Explosion proof and intrinsically safe type

The most common explosion-proof certification type for explosion-proof gateways is the explosion-proof and intrinsic safety type. The specific approach is to separate the main body of the gateway from the antenna, which can be separated from the main body using antennas such as dish washing antennas. The gateway is connected to the antenna through communication cables, and isolation capacitors or safety barriers are applied in the middle to meet the external antenna requirementsIntrinsic safetyCurrent limiting requirements.

There are two main technical and cost difficulties regarding this plan.

1)AddExplosion proofThe cost of the casing. Explosion proof shells can generally be made of stainless steel or cast aluminum materials. The advantage of stainless steel casing is its corrosion resistance, which meets the requirements of long-term use. At the same time, it is also easy to find a suitable size of the casing, but the cost is relatively high; Another type is a cast aluminum casing, which has the advantage of low cost but is not very corrosion-resistant. At the same time, the appropriate size may be larger than the current gateway body1.8-2About times.  

2)Increase the cost of isolating capacitors and safety barriers. The advantage of applying a safety barrier is that it is convenient for production. As long as the antenna outlet of the gateway body and the suction cup antenna are connected to both ends of the safety barrier, one safety barrier is required for each of the three antennas. Isolation capacitors can also be used, which has the advantage of low cost, but requires additional welding processes during production and prolongs production hours.

2. Explosion proof and increased safety type

Explosion proof and increased safety is another explosion-proof technology solution for gateway products. Like the explosion-proof and intrinsically safe type, this explosion-proof type also increases the cost of the explosion-proof shell, but there are differences in the handling of the antenna. The antenna is no longer exposed, but installed in aIncreased safety typeIn the outer shell. The advantage of this scheme is that it does not require any modifications to the circuit. The main approach is to purchase an increased safety shell to install the antenna into the shell, and the antenna is still connected to the gateway body through communication cables. The increased cost is mainly the cost of the increased safety shell. The increased safety shell can be made of cast aluminum material, which is low-cost but not corrosion-resistant and can also affect some antenna signals. Plastic material can also be used as an increased safety shell, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and does not affect antenna signals, but the cost is relatively high.


The above two options are applicableZhongnuo TestingAll can obtain the corresponding level of explosion-proof certification. The time for obtaining certification for the first plan depends on the customer's prototype renovation progress, and the certification time cannot be determined. The certification for the second plan will be faster, and the design guidance and certification time can be controlled within one and a half months.

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