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Q&A on explosion-proof certification

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Explosion proof certification refers to the work of determining that equipment meets the requirements of explosion proof standards, conducting type tests and routine tests, and issuing relevant certificates of conformity. The explosion-proof certificate can be used for Ex equipment or Ex components.

 01 What is explosion-proof electrical equipment?

Electrical equipment intended for use in explosive hazardous areas such as petrochemicals, coal, pharmaceuticals, steel, and offshore platforms. According to national regulations, all products related to "personal health and property safety" should be subject to mandatory national standards and control. Therefore, explosion-proof electrical equipment produced, sold, and used within China must comply with relevant inspection procedures and obtain an explosion-proof qualification certificate issued by a nationally authorized explosion-proof inspection agency.image.png 

02 Division of explosive environment areas

Based on the frequency and duration of the occurrence of explosive hazardous substances, explosive gas hazardous areas are divided into three areas, as follows:

Zone 0: A place where explosive gas mixtures exist continuously or for a long time under normal circumstances (over 1000h/y).

Zone 1: A place where explosive gas mixtures may exist under normal circumstances.

Zone 2: Places where explosive gas mixtures cannot occur under normal conditions and only exist for a short period of time under abnormal conditions (below 10h/y).




Correspondingly, for areas with combustible dust, they are divided into zones 20, 21, and 22.


03 What are the contents of the explosion-proof certificate?

The explosion-proof certificate mainly includes certificate number, manufacturer name, product name, model, explosion-proof mark, explosion-proof standard, inspection agency mark, issuance date, product usage precautions, and other contents.


04 What are the types of explosion-proof certification?

---Explosion proof type "d"

---Enhanced safety "e"

---Intrinsically safe "ia", "ib", "ic"

---Positive pressure type "px", "py"

---Pouring type "ma", "mb", "mc"

---Oil filled "o"

---Sand filled mold "q"

---Spark free "nA", "nR", "nC", "nL"


05 How to understand explosion-proof signs?

Taking Exde II CT6Gb as an example


 06 What is the validity period of the explosion-proof certificate?

The validity period of China's explosion-proof qualification certificate is 5 years from the date of issuance. If production and sales continue after the expiration, renewal is required. International explosion-proof certification generally does not have a validity period, but it adopts the certification mode of product certification factory system supervision audit, and the ATEX system audit cycle is 18 months.

After the replacement of the national explosion-proof certificate, enterprises can continue to produce and sell products that have obtained the certificate according to the standard before the expiration of the certificate. But after the certificate expires, it needs to be re examined and recognized according to the new standards.


07 What are ATEx and IECEx certifications?

ATEx certification is a mandatory EU safety certification for electrical and non electrical equipment used in explosive hazardous areas. At present, ATEx certificates are recognized by EU countries, while Japan and North American countries do not recognize ATEx certificates.

IECEx certification is a certification under the international IEC system, which is also voluntary for equipment used in explosive hazardous areas. IECEx certificates are recognized by member countries of the IEC system.image.png
Similarly, applying for ATEx and IECEx certificates also requires confirmation of the specific explosion-proof type and level.


08 Do we need to audit the factory to apply for explosion-proof certification?

At present, the domestic explosion-proof certificate does not require factory inspection, only samples need to be provided, and the certificate is only responsible for the samples.

International explosion-proof certification is stricter than domestic certification. For example, applying for an IECEx certificate requires factory review regardless of explosion-proof type or level; Except for Zone 2, which does not require factory inspection, both Zone 0 and Zone 1 of ATEx require factory inspections.


09 Do I need to do explosion-proof design before applying for explosion-proof certification?

The answer is yes.

The application for explosion-proof certification of a product itself is to verify that the product complies with the provisions of the national explosion-proof standard GB3836 and must have explosion-proof performance. It is necessary for enterprises to design products according to explosion-proof standards in the early stage of applying for explosion-proof certification. This not only improves the efficiency of obtaining explosion-proof certification, but also saves the cost of obtaining evidence.


10 How long does it take to apply for explosion-proof certification?

Due to the various types and levels of explosion-proof certification, different explosion-proof types and levels require different testing items and time.

Generally speaking, the certification period for intrinsically safe electrical equipment is as fast as 2 weeks, for explosion-proof types it is as fast as 45 days, and for other explosion-proof types it is 1-2 months. (The cycle mentioned above is based on the premise that the customer provides complete information and the sample test has no rectification.)


11 What is the cost of applying for explosion-proof certification?

The cost of applying for an explosion-proof certificate is directly related to the explosion-proof type. In addition, if applying for EU ATEx or international IECEx certification, the cost of factory audit is also included.


12 What documents should be provided for applying for explosion-proof certification?

The required information includes:

--Explosion proof certification application form

--Customer Business License

--Product circuit diagram, final assembly diagram, schematic diagram, PCB diagram, BOM table, etc

--Product manual and enterprise standards


Explanation: The information is subject to specific product evaluations, and English materials are required for applying for EU ATEx and IECEx certification.
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