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Requirements for sample submission when applying for explosion-proof qualification certificate

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What are the requirements for samples when applying for explosion-proof certificates for electrical equipment?

Apply for explosion-proof certificate (domestic explosion-proof certificate)/ATEXauthentication/IECExThe requirements for the samples are basically the same, and they all require finished products2-3Number; If it belongs to a large explosion-proof electrical system, becauseZhongnuo TestingIt contains many components and has a relatively large volume. For enterprises, only one sample needs to be prepared. However, for electrical equipment with special components, separate special components need to be provided for related purposesExplosion proof test.

1. Transparent parts for observation windows to be sent separately5pieceat least3pieceThe plastic transparent parts of the lighting fixtures will be sent separately8pieceat least5piece;

2. A set of well sealed pouring parts must be sent, including those that have not been properly sealedExmA set of components;

3. Rubber material aging test must be providedthirty-five × fifteen × sixRubber block3~5Block;

4. The measurement of insulation resistance of plastic shells must be providedone hundred × fourPlastic sheet3~5Block. If the size allows, the plastic shell of the sample can also be directly measured;

5. If it isNType or pouring sealing type, required3~5Sample from Taiwan, the pouring and sealing type still needs to be testedZhongnuo TestingProvide components before pouring and sealing separately; Transparent parts are required for those with transparent parts3Block; Sample blocks are required for commissioned surface resistance testing≥ 150 × sixty × 3mm; Special dismantling tools are also required for those with special processes.

6. If the product is equipped with a battery, a specification sheet for the battery is also required.

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