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The main content of SIL functional safety certification

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SIL certification, as a safety certification project that has emerged in the fields of petrochemicals, machinery, rail transit, automotive manufacturing, automation, etc. in recent years, is receiving more and more attention from people. So, many people are concerned about this issue. What is the main focus or concern of SIL certification?


SIL certification, also known as functional safety certification, focuses on the safety functions of the product. Performing SIL certification is to verify whether the safety functions can be reliably and safely implemented. For example, if a lighting fixture is used, we are concerned about its lighting function and whether its light intensity can reliably and safely meet our requirements.


So, what are the two main aspects that SIL certification focuses on?


Whether the product itself, as well as the hardware and software functionality of the product to be certified, meets the requirements of IEC61508 or more detailed industry functional safety standards for the product, such as hardware failure rate and failure mode;


Another focus of our investigation is on the systematic aspects of the quality management system used in the development process, the qualifications and organizational structure of R&D personnel, etc., to ensure that the methods used in the entire R&D process and the document system followed comply with relevant standard requirements. Through these two aspects of investigation, we can say that a complete closed loop has been formed from the entire company to the research and development organization process, and finally to the specific certification of products, which can ensure the reliable and safe implementation of product safety functions.

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