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What are the requirements for installing explosion-proof instruments and meters in explosive hazardous areas?

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Installation of explosion-proof electrical equipment

1. Instruments, electrical equipment, and installation materials used in explosive hazardous areas, such as junction boxes, junction boxes, terminal boxes, etc., must have a certificate issued by an authorized agency in the countryExplosion proof certificateBefore installation, the specifications and models should be checked to ensure they meet the design requirements, and there should be no external damage or cracks.


2. It can also be set up in explosive hazardous areasPositive pressure explosion-proofThe instrument box is equipped with non explosion-proof instruments and other electrical equipment. The ventilation pipe of the instrument box must be kept unobstructed, and the volume of the box should be connected before power transmission5Replace with more than twice the amount of gas.


3. Explosive hazardous areas1The instrument wiring within the area must ensure that in the event of grounding, short circuit, wire breakage, or other accidents, it does not form a source of ignition. Therefore, cables and wires must be laid through pipes, using pressure and explosion-proof metal pipes. Cylindrical pipe threaded connections should be used between the threading protection pipes, as well as between the protection pipes and the junction box, distribution box, and pull box. The effective meshing part of the threads should be5-6Deduction above. When flexible connections are required, explosion-proof flexible connection pipes should be used.


4. In the2The instrument wiring within the area should generally be threaded through pipes, but only to protect the insulation layer of cables and wires from external damage.


5. When cable ducts, cable trenches, and protective pipes pass through the boundary lines of different levels of explosive hazardous areas, sealing measures should be taken to prevent explosive gases from flowing from one hazardous area to another.


6. When connecting protective tubes to on-site instruments, detection components, electrical equipment, instrument boxes, junction boxes, pull boxes, etc., they should be installed within the connection pointsExplosion proofSealing pipe fittings, for2 inchesThe above protective pipes are installed every15mA sealed pipe fitting should be installed.

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