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What documents are required for ATEX certification?

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ATEX is French"Atmospheres Exhibits"The abbreviation for ", meaning"Explosive environment. It is the European UnionCEAn explosion-proof directive in certification. What we usually refer to asATEXauthenticationElectrical and non electrical equipment used in explosive locations must pass throughATEXThe process of obtaining relevant certificates in accordance with the requirements of instructions.

at presentATEXCertification has7Multiple authentication modes

1AMode: Internal production control.

2BMode:ECType inspection. Document review Product testing

3CMode: The type meets the requirements. A way of quality assurance, annual sample sampling

4DMode: Explosion proof system certification. Factory explosion-proof system audit, with annual audit,EN ISO-IEC 80079-34-2011 (EN 13980)

5EModel: Product quality assurance system. Factory explosion-proof system audit, with annual audit,EN ISO-IEC 80079-34-2011 (EN 13980)

6FMode: Product validation. One way of quality assurance is to verify each batch of goods before export

7 G Mode: Unit authentication. Single batch certification for a certain product        

Domestic enterprise applicationATEXWhat documents need to be prepared for certification?

1. Enterprise Business License and Application Authorization Letter

2. Product drawings: electrical schematic, final assembly drawingPCBFigureBOMTables, component specifications, etc

3. Technical Information: CompliantENExplosion proof standardEnterprise standards and product manuals

4. Finished product

5. Other information: For equipment of large-scale systems, it is necessary to provide components that meet certification requirementsExplosion proof certificateBooks, if there is a battery, a battery specification book is required, and process documents are required for equipment with special processes.

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