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How to obtain an explosion-proof certificate for an explosion-proof oven?

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Explosion proof oven is a specially designed oven with explosion-proof windows, explosion-proof door buckles, and other safety devices for work safety. It is widely used inPlaces such as petroleum, chemical, military, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

As a common explosion-proof electrical equipment, it is necessary to obtain effective certification before entering the market againExplosion proof certificate.

What test items should explosion-proof ovens pay attention to in terms of explosion-proof technology?

Explosion proof bakingThere is an explosion-proof opening on the back of the boxThe door is equipped with explosion-proof door locks and explosion-proof electrical control. Suitable for baking highly volatile products such as transformer coils, inductor coils, and chemical products. The box body is made of mirror stainless steel argon arc welding, and the box bodyZhongnuo TestingHigh quality steel plates are used externally, with super temperature difference protectionTiming functionAccurate temperature control, uniform temperature inside the studio, independent temperature limit alarm system, automatic interruption when exceeding the limit temperature, with dual protection to ensure safe operation of workNot doing businessOutside.

stayZhongnuo TestingThe process of applying for an explosion-proof certificate for an explosion-proof oven is very simple.

The enterprise provides us with a complete explosion-proof oven electrical schematic/assembly diagram/product manual and prototype for explosion-proof testing. After passing the test, we will issue an explosion-proof testing report and explosion-proof certificate.

Zhongnuo TestingAs a professional explosion-proof certification agency, we have successfully obtained explosion-proof certification for industrial ovens, ovens, and similar products for our customers,Explosion proof types are mostly composite (i.e. a combination of multiple explosion-proof types),With rich experience in evidence collection, we can quickly and conveniently apply for explosion-proof certificates for customers.

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