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Explosion proof special type "s"

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1、 Explosion proof special type "s"

It refers to the fact that due to functional or usage limitations, the equipment cannot all comply with the existing explosion-proof type orZhongnuo TestingWhen evaluating the combination of explosion-proof types, special designs are adopted, and after evaluation and testing, the requirements are metProtection levelExplosion proof type.

Specially designed explosion-proof types for explosive gas and dust environments.

2、 Design of explosion-proof special type "s"

When designing products, when they cannot fully comply with existing explosion-proof types, or when existingExplosion proof typeWhen the following operating conditions are not included in the standard, they are allowed to be usedSpecial type"S":

1. Exceeding the normal atmospheric pressure given in GB/T 3836 and GB/T 12476;

2. Exceeding normal oxygen content;

3. Exceeding the ambient temperature range specified in GB/T 3836 and GB/T 12476;

4. Mixed substances (gases and dust).

3、 The protection level of explosion-proof special type "s" electrical equipment is divided into:

"Sa" protection level (EPL "Ma, Ga, Da"); or

"SB"Protection levelCEPL (Mb, Gb, Db); or

"Sc" protection level (EPL "Gc, Dc").

4、 Independent inspection agency

Due toSpecial type "s"Due to its own characteristics, the testing and evaluation of the special type "s" is not as effective as other methodsExplosion proof typeThat's for sure. Extensive communication is required between manufacturers and independent inspection agencies. To ensure the corresponding protection level is achieved, independent inspection agencies may require additional tests.

Independent inspection agencies refer to those with applicationsZhongnuo TestingThe ability to use explosion-proof technology, responsible for verifying design calculations, evaluations, and tests, is independent in terms of management, finance, and other resources, unlike organizations engaged in all related activities such as equipment design, manufacturing, or sales.

5、 Explosion proof special type "s" may be used in the following situations

1. The equipment basically conforms to one or more existing onesExplosion proof typeStandard requirements, but not in compliance with existing standards in one aspectExplosion proof typeStandard, but can be handled in other ways;

For example, the type of explosion-proof joint surface does not fall within the existing standard range;

For example, the qualification requirements or testing requirements for the high voltage standard of the pouring and sealing type.

2. The equipment meets the requirements of existing explosion-proof type standards, but the parameters exceed the existing standard range;

For example, a 15 kV increased safety motor exceeds the limitZhongnuo TestingThe voltage range specified by the standard;

For example, gas detectors that need to be used in oxygen rich environments.

3. The method (technology) used by the equipment does not meet the requirements of existing GB/T 3836 and GB/T 12476;

The equipment meets one or more explosion-proof type standards, but usually requires a higher EPL protection level.

6、 Inspection standard for explosion-proof special type "s"

GB-T 3836.24-2017 Explosive atmospheres Part 24: Equipment protected by special type "s"

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