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(1) Blast resistant wall

1. Explosion resistant wall: Explosion resistant wall refers to a wall with strong resistance to explosive pressure, also known as an explosion resistant wall or explosion-proof wall. Often located in factories, workshops, or warehouses with explosion hazards. It is divided into reinforced concrete blast resistant walls, blast resistant brick walls, lightweight keel blast resistant walls, etc. Lightweight keel blast resistant walls are commonly used nowadays.

2. Scope of application: Widely applicable to petrochemical, military, offshore platforms, warehouses, production workshops, etc.

3. Materials and Structure: The lightweight keel blast resistant wall is composed of steel keel, fiber cement composite steel plate, and rock wool, which has good blast resistance and flame retardant effects.


(2) Explosion relief walls, explosion relief doors, and windows

1. Explosion relief wall: Explosion relief walls are usually lightweight pressure relief walls used in industrial and civil plant boiler rooms, hazardous material warehouses, and other applications (with a weight not exceeding 60KG/㎡, usually consisting of three types of wall panels: single-layer board, sandwich board, and single-layer board insulation). The explosion pressure value is usually between 20-40PSF. When an explosion or combustion occurs indoors in a building, the gas pressure inside the room rises sharply, Explosion proof walls are opened and pressure is released through explosion proof accessories or devices to control the occurrence of explosions or minimize the degree of damage.

2. Scope of application: Commercial buildings, industrial plants, workshops, petrochemical industry, transportation facilities, etc.

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