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Common misconceptions in SIL certification

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Many companies continue the CE certification model, focusing solely on design without implementing the safety requirements and lifecycle concepts emphasized by IEC 61508. Many domestic suppliers and enterprises that design and produce safety devices have undergone CE certification before implementing SIL certification. Under the guidance of inertia thinking, some companies only think about seeking certification from certification agencies to carry out SIL certification after completing product design and even producing prototypes in bulk. This method is incorrect. At this stage, the hardware and software structures of the product have basically been finalized. If it is found that the relevant security factors were overlooked when planning the product security requirements at the beginning, you will face a lot of re evaluation and modification work, and may even need to overturn the original design and start over. CE certification requires a prototype to be present before certification, as CE certification requires a prototype to be present during testing. However, SIL certification requires the implementation of lifecycle concepts,SILauthenticationThe content not only includes the testing of the prototype, but also an evaluation of the corresponding document management in the R&D process, which is referred to as FSM (Functional Safety Management) in standards such as IEC61508. SIL certification requires certification agencies to intervene and provide guidance from the beginning, indicating direction, in order to improve efficiency and reduce rework. That is to say, if the prototype has already been made, it is likely too late to start preparing for certification.

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